Dainty in Rose Gold

Hullo All!


I had only Silver Jewelry phase in my life (high school). It just never, in my opinion, suited me. For years now, my accessories come in yellow and white gold; and in the past, this included chunky statement necklaces and thick bangles.

Nowadays though, I prefer pieces that still classify as a statement piece, but have a lighter more subtle form.


Surprisingly, on our first anniversary, my boyfriend gifted me an elegant watch and bracelet combination! The Michael Kors watch came in rose gold (specifically the Portia Rose Gold-Tone Watch) which my boyfriend combined with a bracelet (Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet) to make such a well-balanced set. I didn't even realize I didn't have rose gold in my jewelry repertoire until then! And while the watch is on the slightly chunkier side, the rose gold compliments my skin so it gives a barely-there, subtle style. 


I wish that this could be an everyday watch, because I love it so much! (I also do need to rely less on my phone's clock) But the truth is, I like the idea that it be more of a formal event piece. I can't wait to take it on more dinner dates with him. It's a soft touch of elegance that goes with just about anything. 

Is this another sign of a maturing style as I get closer to *gulp* thirty?

New Jersey: Adventure Aquarium + Pennsylvania: An Afternoon in Philadelphia

Hullo All!

Going out of town is quite a rare thing for me, more so is going out of town with my family or my boyfriend. 

In October, I was lucky enough to go to a location combination twice: Camden, NJ's Adventure Aquarium and Philly! I've been wanting to go to both for a while because I am 1.) in much need of a Change in Scenery, 2.) searching for a breather from life's monotony and 3.) some new quality time with my favorite people.

I went to Adventure Aquarium, first, with my boyfriend. It was such a beautiful day, and a very pleasant 1.5 hour car ride to Camden! It's easy to imagine getting away from it all on such a fine fall day.


The view from the aquarium entrance! Just a hop, skip and a jump away from a whole new state: Pennsylvania! Hello Philly! 

A big tip of mine if you are thinking of visiting Adventure Aquarium: Come Early on a Weekday. 

Now that school is underway, there are a lot of school trips and crowds that come on the weekdays, and also especially on the weekends when everyone's off from work and school. Coming early, even on a weekday too, ensures that you don't have to compete with anyone for a view of the animals, and it feels nice to have the whole aquarium to yourself!

In fact, since my boyfriend and I were one of the first visitors that day (it was a Wednesday, by the way!) we got a special treat and one of the caretakers brought us up to the top of the tank where the sharks and turtles were. She said that it was rare for them to open it up, since if they did, more people would want access as well. So, they'd only open it up when there are a few people in the aquarium. We were so lucky, and we got to ask more questions about the animals because of it! I learned so much!


There was a photobooth in the museum, and I'm so glad that my boyfriend is game to take a few cheesy snaps with me. To have someone to share some silly times with is hard to find, and such a blessing! *cheeseballs*


Selfie with the aquarium's 25-year old loggerhead sea turtle and hammerhead sharks turned into a group pic with one of the volunteer divers! Hiiii!


Jellyfish are so mesmerizing. Take a look at these squishies! 


The second time I went, only a few weeks later, was with my family. My brother had been wanting to go since winter, but no one dared drive that far yet. But when I volunteered to drive, everyone climbed onboard and headed off with us.


Here's an almost asymmetrical sibling shot!


I don't get to say or admit it enough, but having family days are something I treasure. Coming to a place like this where you can see the natural wonders of our world remind me that I always have one of those with me at home. *more cheeseballs*


Casting some bubblehead charms so we can breath underwater!


Some obligatory Philly Cheesesteaks after a long morning at the aquarium. When my boyfriend and I cam to Philly a couple of weeks before, we ate at Mac's Tavern, a bar and restaurant owned by some cast members of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I wasn't craving a cheesesteak then though, so I had a chicken cutlet sandwich instead.

But upon my return with my family, I craved it. And so after a quick hello to the Liberty Bell, we headed over to Sonny's where I had an amazing Pizza Cheesesteak. 


The final stop before heading back to East Jersey was Artist & Craftsman Supply on Market Street. It reminded me of a smaller version of Blick in Manhattan, but it felt rawer and had an indie store vibe. 

Next time, I plan to spend more time in Philadelphia. I don't want it to just be a short lunch-time trip anymore!

Inktober 2016: #Wizardinktober

Hullo All!

"I checked it out weeeeks ago for a bit of light reading." - Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

"I checked it out weeeeks ago for a bit of light reading." - Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

October is here! That means Fall is in full swing and holiday season will be soon upon us.

However, this year is a special one. Unless you've been living in a cupboard under the stairs, you'll know that 2016 is the year we go back into the Wizarding World! It began with a West End play (which I pain to accept as canon), the illustrated adaptations of HPSSa script book and now a film! 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film that I am delighted to say has nothing to do with Harry Potter. While there are some characters mentioned that have been encountered by the Boy Wizard, this is set in a completely different time and space (FINALLY: SOME UNIVERSE-EXPANSION, PEOPLE)! 

My boyfriend gifted me the Illustrated Adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Re-inspired by this art and this world, I dug out my universe-expansion books (now called The Hogwarts Library in bookstores). Above, you'll see my super tattered First American Editions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch: Through the Ages. I love these books--not only do they make me feel like I'm actually reading a textbook and learning about the Wizarding World, but on a Potter-level, the margin-filled notes of Harry and Ron are hilarious and character-building. 

Anyhoo, because Fantastic Beasts is only less than two months away and Wizarding Movies are my birthday movies again, I thought I'd celebrate by making it my unofficial theme for Inktober*! Period wizards, fashion, spells and art deco graphics--BLOODY BRILLIANT!


Keep up with my #Wizardinktober on Instagram: @mishiewishie

*Inktober - An annual social media event where artists create lettering and illustration using any form of ink.