Choose to be happy.


Years and years ago, nothing of this sort was on my Bucket List. Something as permanent as a tattoo gave me the heebeegeebees because, knowing my often fickle self, I tend to get tired of or change my mind. 

However, I have always entertained the thought and often wondered what I would get. I would get a symbol, but no, never a quote.  

That is, until I mumbled this to myself one day. "Choose to be happy." 

A lot of my thoughts and writings from years past were often sad or negative. Suddenly, so suddenly, I realized that it was enough. Being negative wasn't something that happened to me, it was often easier to choose and most times unconsciously.  

So that was that. I needed to give myself this reminder for every day in my life. And I have to tell you, almost a month after getting this, I do believe I've been happier, more optimistic and active about choosing to do things that will better my life and the people around me.  

"Choose to be happy." is something my past, present and future is telling me, so here it is as a part of me now.  

I did not stop there though. I also had another tattoo done. 


Just like Triss from Divergent chose birds for each member of her family, so I chose these stars (which I love). Someone in the know may also see them as a Harry Potter reference, although it looks slightly different. Multipurpose symbols FTW! 

And you know, they didn't hurt at all--I'm serious! These were done by the awesome JonBoy in West 4 Tattoo (although he's switching locations come the new year).

Tuttah, Mishie