Now on Broadway: The Book of Mormon + Mummy's Birthday Treat

Hullo all!

As a joined Christmas and Birthday present, we got my mom tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway!

If it were on any other night, I would have shied away from this even if it is known to be one of the best musicals on Broadway in the last decade because it is also Top-of-the-Tier. BUT, I love my mom, and so if she wants to see The Book of Mormon, we're seeing The Book of Mormon.


When it comes to Broadway performances, I prefer not to know the story of what I am watching. A one-liner would usually suffice, because if I'm paying $150++ I want to feel all the feels as I am watching it. I don't want to have any expectations. 

This feeling is slightly different for adaptations like Aladdin. But that's for a different blog entry. 


That being said, I knew nothing about The Book of Mormon apart from: "It's about two young Mormon missionaries that make an unlikely pair as they talk about The Book of Mormon."

I don't even really know much about Mormon practices, to be honest. I've seen them both here in America and in the Philippines. I knew that their places of worship are amazingly huge structures, and that their missionaries travelled in pairs. Apart from that, not much. So in many ways, this was an eye-opener for me. 

This was also a parody musical. The producers of The Book of Mormon are the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matte Stone. If you are not familiar with the humor of South Park, this is a welcome surprise (unless you have a very different sense or no sense of humor at all); and for those that ARE familiar with South Park, you are prepared for the "controversial" language and narrative patterns. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't like spoilers. I don't like hearing them and I don't like giving them away. I will, however give you a non-spoiler review and verdict. As with all blog entries, these are my opinions alone and should not sway you at all from watching this or not when you get the chance (the answer for any Broadway experience will always be a YES).

Non-Spoiler Review:

Without giving the rest of the plot away, it was fun to watch. The characters they created for this production were all unique and memorable. Most of them may even be characters that you encounter in your own life. The magic of this show is that it it's message hits home and is something you can relate to in one form or another. It's about expectations, dreams and hopes and how you react to them when they do or do not match what you are expecting. It's about relationships, communication and forging your own path (with a lot of crude humor injected into it). 

The ending gave me mixed emotions. I did not know whether I felt satisfied or not. The songs were O.K. Only two really stuck to me, the opening number "Hello" and the first act ending "Turn it Off." They were very fun and injected of a lot of personality that I love about Broadway. These are the kind of songs that make me so excited to watch these productions. The rest were okay, but the type that will probably grow on me if I watch it a second time.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I'd watch The Book of Mormon again someday. It's not something I think obsessively about as I did after I had watched Wicked, but I was definitely happy to finally see it and add it to my Broadway Bucket List!


And of course, I was so happy to experience it with the people I love the most. To be able to give this fun gift and family experience with my mum is well worth all the $$$ spent!

Tuttah, Mishie