#SnippetsInBetween2016: Snippets of January - Book of Mormon, Winter Storm Jonas, Lola and Pups


One of my major New Years Resolutions is to make more memories and take better documentation of them. In the past I woukd do this via video. I had the passion and flare for video editting, and, while I still do, it wasn't a sustainable way of fulfilling my project. Laziness and time consumption would get in the way and I am determined to succeed this time. 

So this year I decided I would do it the old fashioned way, through photos. And not just regular photos via mobile phones but by printing them out. I love leafing through photo albums every now and then, and It so happens that I got myself an Instax Share Printer last year. I can now put it to good use.  

Each month I will post a collage of ten choice photos of my favorite moments of the month. As each pack of Instax film refills are ten each, so it's perfect.  

Above is my summary for January. It has barely been two months into 2016 and already so much has happened. And more changes are to come soon. 

Most memories are precious to me. This month especially I printed my favorite photo of my grandmother who passed away early this month. All the photos will have something special about them, both big and small things and moments people would otherwise easily forget. I'm quite excited to keep going!

Tuttah, Mishie