Fall Together

It's finally Fall, ya'll! 


The last few weeks of summer have been an up and down experience. From the high of going to England for the first time (a topic for a later blog) to being broken hearted in my return, I say I'm now ready for summer to be over and for Fall to really kick in.

As I speak, I'm currently enjoying blogging from the comfort of my bed. A rainshower, cool temperatures and an abundance of blankets will do that to me. And as I am here, I can't help but feel renewed in a way.  

Fall is a period where everything slowly fades, getting ready for a slumber in Winter and to be reawakened into something totally new in Spring. That is my hope for myself as well--only with a much shorter timeline.  

In this time, I plan to become the best version of myself that I have not seen before, and hope that it will open doors for me elsewhere. And I hope to share the results with everyone here. 



Fall (now) is when I will come together. I promise. I'm ready. 

Tuttah, Mishie