Dainty in Rose Gold

Hullo All!


I had only Silver Jewelry phase in my life (high school). It just never, in my opinion, suited me. For years now, my accessories come in yellow and white gold; and in the past, this included chunky statement necklaces and thick bangles.

Nowadays though, I prefer pieces that still classify as a statement piece, but have a lighter more subtle form.


Surprisingly, on our first anniversary, my boyfriend gifted me an elegant watch and bracelet combination! The Michael Kors watch came in rose gold (specifically the Portia Rose Gold-Tone Watch) which my boyfriend combined with a bracelet (Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet) to make such a well-balanced set. I didn't even realize I didn't have rose gold in my jewelry repertoire until then! And while the watch is on the slightly chunkier side, the rose gold compliments my skin so it gives a barely-there, subtle style. 


I wish that this could be an everyday watch, because I love it so much! (I also do need to rely less on my phone's clock) But the truth is, I like the idea that it be more of a formal event piece. I can't wait to take it on more dinner dates with him. It's a soft touch of elegance that goes with just about anything. 

Is this another sign of a maturing style as I get closer to *gulp* thirty?

#SnippetsInBetween2016: Snippets of April - My Solo Trip Home to the Philippines


Looking at you, April 2016, you were Grade A-Amazing!

I have to confess that I remember almost nothing from the first third of the month, apart from my much anticipated trip home to the Philippines.

It was a chill vacation where I just wanted to experience an almost multiverse-like life. I booked my very first Airbnb and pretended it was my very own apartment. I lived independently, saw all my friends, wondered What If I Still Lived in the Philippines, and also had the surreal experience of being with my boyfriend there as well.

Speaking of boyfriend, we also celebrated our first month together in April. I really don't want to be the type that celebrates monthly, but I felt the first was extra special, as is every day. 

There is more variety in my photos here. I met up with a lot of friends that I was unable to meet the last time I had come home. I met up with everyone I could, successfully and I'm so happy about it! Everyone was even complete, which is a monumental feat. In a way, I felt honored that the complete-ness was because of me. But it's not about me at all. 


I'd like to post a hierarchy of the best moments of the trip, but they are all up at the top. Included up there is my Cebu trip with my best friends, the first we've ever taken outside of Manila. We're such nerdy homebodies that throughout high school and college our idea of hanging out was at our friend Chris' huge blue house. It still holds a special place in our hearts, but doing something and going somewhere so out of our league was a new adventure I'm so happy we took together. 

I also saw my Cody-bee again!!! Cody is my Shih-tzu. He's 15-years old now, thirteen when I last saw him. My heart was both filled with 80% joy and 20% sadness at this fact. 20% because I felt that it could very well be the last time I saw him, as he is now reaching his elderly stage and since he could no longer see or hear. But 80% because I had just missed him so much that my heart was overwhelmed with happiness. It's so crazy how much a dog can make you happy--and Cody can make me nothing but. 


And finally, worlds coming together. Like a giant superhero ensemble movie (ie. Captain America: Civil War which I was able to watch ahead of the U.S. with my boyfriend!), the special people in my life got to meet each other: my cousins & best friends with my boyfriend, Michael. I cannot tell you how surreal it felt to have them at the same table, talking about the same nerdy things. My heart swelled. 

This whole trip could be several blog posts if I let it. I could go on and on, but I think I will share only so much and keep the rest of these amazing memories for myself. 

Tuttah, Mishie